Hello, World Again!


#include <stdio.h>
main( )
    printf("Hello, World Again!\n");


I was absent for about two years. My son was born two years ago, and I had to spend more time with my family.
Now, he is a two year old and I can spend more time on my own room every night without any distractions! 😉
So, I will resume all my activities that I was stopped for two years. I resume to get more socialized!(Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, …).
I also started to setup a new website: saeidhasani.com which still is down, but It will become online in next days.
However, I will write my blog posts here, so, I do not shut down this blog. I have many ideas for writing new articles which I collected them in this two years. Now, they are just titles, but I will resume to publish them soon.
Thanks for reading!
Saeid Hasani